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1Haylie Ahlemeier5'7RH11
2Leah Mogard5'5OH12
3Grace Goebel5'5DS11
4Isabella Sautner5'7OH11
5Makaivry Schatz5'7OH11
6Courtney Krueger5'9RH12
7Kendra Kaiser5'9OH12
8Rachel Goebel6'2MH12
9Abbie Larson5'8MH12
10Kirstie Lake5'6S11
11Makenna Miller5'8OH11
12Ashlee Kaup5'2DS10
13Rylee Kaup5'7OH10
14Tyler Simon5'8S10
15Dakota Goebel5'9MH11
16Taelor Zweber5'7MH10
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