1Haylie Ahlemeier5'8RH10
2Autumn Pitlick5'7OH12
3Grace Goebel5'4DS10
4Cassidy Goebel5'9Setter12
5Makaivry Schatz5'7OH10
6KiTu LeBeau5'9MH12
7Kendra Kaiser5'9OH11
8Rachel Goebel6'2RH11
9Abbie Larson5'8MH11
10Kirstie Lake5'6Setter10
11Makenna Miller5'8OH10
12Courtney Krueger5'9RH11
13Jenna Robbennolt5'11MH12
14Hope Rausch5'9RH12
15Dakota Goebel5'9MH/RH10
16Aaliyah Canchola5'8MH10


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